Choice Tropical is a specialized wholesale merchant of quality organic African and Caribbean food.

Our goal is to bring customers in the United States the food from their Home at the same quality, taste and freshness as found in their local tropical market.

The concept started seven years ago with Choice International in Beltsville, Maryland, but metamorphosed into a national entity, servicing virtually all major cities. As we expand Choice around the states we've elected to name the new expanded branch Choice Tropical.

We carry over 60 products from frozen to dried ones, and oils. Our main wholesale products are red palm oil, frozen snails, Ogbono (bush mango), Frozen Cassava Fufu, Atiieke, Miondo, Bobolo, Frozen kittely, Bitter Leaves and other vegetables, Smoked Fish (Kini, Kuta, Bonga, etc.), Banku Mix, Pap, Togbogy Oil, Egusi, Shea Butter... and much more.